Supervisors Expectations & Forms

As the internship supervisor, it is imperative to regularly report on the intern’s progress.  This is done with the Bi-Weekly Comments Sheet. Although this form is NOT required (it doesn’t factor into the intern’s points), supervisors are STRONGLY encouraged to complete them.  In the past, these forms have served as the best predictor of intern success, as they identify the intern’s strengths and weaknesses, and assist with redirecting the intern’s efforts into a more positive route.  In addition, this gives the intern the best opportunity to improve throughout the internship. Any supervisor who is unable to complete the bi-weekly comments sheet should, at minimum, regularly communicate with the intern about their progress to allow for improvement.

In addition to the bi-weekly comments sheet, supervisors must also complete a Midterm Evaluation and a Final Evaluation. These forms are designed to allow supervisors to rate the intern’s performance at the mid-point and end of the internship experience. These evaluations are an important factor in determining the student’s final internship grade. Supervisors should schedule a time to meet with their intern(s) and discuss each evaluation before the forms are due. It is imperative that the intern view their evaluation and sign the evaluation form before submitted to the Department.

As a “Thank You” for serving as the internship supervisor and contributing to the professional development of Health Education and Behavior majors, the Department offers a tuition waiver for up to 6-credits of coursework at any State University in Florida.  The Request for Certificate of Participation form should be submitted at the end of the internship, along with the final evaluation form, if the supervisor wishes to receive this certificate.  Please note that only the person designated as the intern’s supervisor is eligible to receive this certificate.  Requests for Certificates of Participation will be processed at the end of the internship semester and mailed approximately 4-6 weeks after receipt.  Please contact Holly Moses, Internship Coordinator, for more information about the Certificate of Participation (

All forms may be faxed to 352-392-1909 (Attn: Holly Moses)